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Two things we want advice on: 1. Breadmaker 2. Dustbuster

170 weeks ago
We have a 6V Black and Decker Dustbuster. It works just fine for little tasks and messes around the house.
It's also got three different attachments for different tasks, and a wall charging mount so it's always charged and ready to go.
We didn't go for a wet and dry one, which adds to the price, as I'm not sure of the benefits of hoovering up anything 'wet'...
Main advice is that you may want to go above 6V - it does OK but sometimes feels a bit underpowered.

Black & Decker 6V Chrome Handheld Dustbuster Model V6090C

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We have this one (the picture is a second hand unit on sale at Amazon). As breadmakers go this gets the job done. There are a bunch of more premium models that have more functions, bread types etc.
Breadmakers are convenient in that you throw everything in, press go and that's it.
But in terms of total time they take longer, and I don't think the bread tastes as good as making your own and oven baking. You can just use it to make the dough, but that's an expensive dough maker...

Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake Breadmaker

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The updated version of ours - just noticed it's cheaper at Amazon, link above...

MORPHY RICHARDS Daily Loaf 48330 Breadmaker - White, White

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Cheap as chips (/bread) at Amazon. At this price why not have one? Unless the bread comes out tasting nicer from a more expensive option I can't see any benefit from some of the functions they're installing (like automatic fruit/nut dispensers... really, if you're THAT busy why are you making your own bread? :)

Morphy Richards 48330 Daily Loaf Breadmaker - White

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I'm tempted to get this one because it looks cool... not sure if will be powerful enough though.

Black & Decker ORB48MBN Orb-It Dustbuster, 4.8 V, Electric Blue

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2352 weeks ago
I saw this in B&Q the other day, and it didn't strike me as easy to use. Very odd design.
This one looks tempting too. The cyclonic system makes it seem a bit like a Dyson. It's well reviewed on John Lewis. But it's not cordless.

Black & Decker Handheld Vacuum, VH900GB

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This is actually battery powered. It is for picking up little bits of food, so perhaps wet and dry is a good idea...

Black & Decker Wet and Dry NW4860N-GB Dustbuster

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Seems a bit more powerful than the others. Apparently the 18v Pivot is the one true dust buster, but it's much more expensive.

Black & Decker PV1405N 14v Pivot Nose Dustbuster Hand Vacuum

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2352 weeks ago
More power!

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